Read "Eragon and Eldest Omnibus" by Christopher Paolini available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get £3 off your first download. ERAGON When . Complete Eragon series. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! 1 Eragon-Paolini · 2 Eldest-Paolini · 3 Brisingr-Paolini. Don't miss the latest book from the author of Eragon, The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm: Tales from Alagaësia, coming December 31, ! Perfect for fans of.

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eBook . ELDEST. Eragon and his dragon, Saphira, have just saved the rebel state from destruction Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr Omnibus. Editorial Reviews. Review. Surpassing its popular prequel Eragon, this second volume in the Inheritance trilogy shows growing maturity and skill. Editorial Reviews. Book Description. The much-anticipated, thrilling conclusion of the For the first time, here are all four books in one ebook collection.

You can find out more about Christopher and Inheritance at www. Toggle navigation. New to eBooks. How many copies would you like to download? Eldest by Christopher Paolini Series: The Inheritance Cycle No. Kept going Nothing wrong with a long book or a series, mind you!

I understand the story line kept going, you know, different struggles and things not finished But I lost interest. I lost interest in the series because of what the author did to his characters. They, to me, lost their 'umph'. The whole story kind of lost it's 'muchiness', you may call it. To me, it just seemed like the character's were shortened and lots of stuff was just dumped I didn't like what happened with most of the characters at all. I loved Eragon book one , but after that, stuff just went downhill.

It's not a series I enjoy anymore, though it was nice while it lasted. Everyone who likes adventure and Medieval times.

These two books are about a guy named Eragon. Eragon is a young man who lived in a small town in medieval times. Eragon grew up as an orphan. Winter was coming and since his family, he lived with, were farmers they didn't have much money, so every fall he would have to go hunt deer.

Eventually, he got really skilled with bows. One fall he was tracking some deer when all of a sudden out of nowhere a blast of fire scared him, making him duck for cover and he found a "stone" which turned out to be These two books are about a guy named Eragon. One fall he was tracking some deer when all of a sudden out of nowhere a blast of fire scared him, making him duck for cover and he found a "stone" which turned out to be a dragon's egg.

From there on, that egg changes his life as he ventures all over and makes new friends as well as foes. Eragon has magical powers and is in training to become a Dragon Rider. Eragon is the first book and Eldest is the sequel to Eragon. These two books are very good and I really enjoyed them.

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I thought they were intresting, so I could read it quickly. The plots were very adventurous. I loved reading them, which means that they must be pretty good because reading really isn't my thing.

I could read these books over and over. These two books are by far the best books I have ever read. I would recommend these two books to everyone. Anyone who likes fantasy and people that like adventure as well as fighting and Medieval times settings. I think that most people would like this book just because the way it is written and how good the detail is. Jul 30, Joan rated it liked it. I put off reading this for a long time because I just wasn't interested in an amateurish attempt at making a dragon fantasy interesting.

In spite of the good reviews some of my family have given me, I resisted. Then one day I was in the mood and I was completely wrong about what I thought the book was going to be! I really enjoyed--a lot more than I expected to. Good character development and good story line with what I thought were realistic accomplishments and feelings of an adolescent boy bei I put off reading this for a long time because I just wasn't interested in an amateurish attempt at making a dragon fantasy interesting.

Good character development and good story line with what I thought were realistic accomplishments and feelings of an adolescent boy being thrust into a role he didn't seek, but matured into. I really loved the relationship between the boy and his dragon. Subtle humor and a real bond that makes them both more endearing. I also thought the literary aspect of the book was pretty impressive, especially consiering it was written by someone so young.

Eragon and Eldest Omnibus

The second book started a little slower for me, but in a short time it hit its stride and the original "voice" of the book became familiar. Eragon's time with the Elves bogged down a little, but once I got close to the end of the story, it made more sense in context of time. Apr 01, Colin CG rated it liked it. These books, Eragon and Eldest, are decent books for being written by a 15 year old, but they do have flaws.

I actually have a theory that the Eragon series takes place many years after the LOTR trilogy, but we won't get into the details of that now.

The reading is easy, and flows nicely, Paolini does a good job of keeping the reader involved. Th alright, here goes my first review ever, bear with me if it's terrible!

The last book in the series, Brisinger, is due out September 28 , so we'll have to see how the story ends. Of course there will be a twist, which i predict will be the dragon, Saphiera, kicking the bucket.

Apr 14, Miriam rated it liked it. The book begins with Eragon and Saphria traveling to Ellesmera to complete their dragon rider training amongst the elves. But while they try to fit decades of training in to mere weeks and months, we learn about Eragon 's cousin Roran as he attempts to protect the mountain community from the Empire. While I found the book enjoyable to read but is pales in comparison to other fantasy novel cannot believe it has taken me two years to get around to reading the second book in the Inheritance Cycle.

While I found the book enjoyable to read but is pales in comparison to other fantasy novels.

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Having said that the book was an easy read, and a great sequel to the first book. If this is the price you must for the hours you enjoy, is it too much? Well sort of. I am not sure whether I will bother with the next books as it was not compelling enough to make me want to read it over other books on my reading list. This book starts out with a boy named Eragon.

When he found an egg which hatch into a Dragon, he was pulled into an adventure that change his life instantly.

While in it, he had met some people such as Brom a so called merchant and Murtagh a mysterious warrrior. Each one has a past realted to him. With the help of hsi dragan Saphira bonded to me in a certain way, he travels to Vaden territory to take shelter against the evil king of an empire.

He late discovered his true abilities in a battle t This book starts out with a boy named Eragon. He late discovered his true abilities in a battle to save to rebellion against the King.

A very imaginative story; it seems to talk to to you in a certain way like a teacher or guide about life. It is also very emotional in some part where some of teh people closest to Eragon dies. This reminds me part of what makes a good story; something which you can make the reader relate to or feel for. It also kept you worried aobut Eragon because he was always accoplishing task that seem impossible and ended up very lucky. Feb 14, Sam Verduzco rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Eragon rocked my socks off.

The most thrilling book I've ever read! Totally realistic, on an emotional level anyway, considering this is fantasy, and completely well written from the cover to cover. Each chapter just got better and better and I can still remember the story and replay how I pictured it in my head like a movie. So what if I'm a geek?

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I got really far in Eldest, but never actually finished it. Some people WOAH! Some people don't think sequals are near as good, but from what I can unzip from meshing my memory of Eldest and Eragon together, Eldest was just as amazing as Eragon. Saphira, Eragon, and Arya are completely lovable and even understandable and I really wish this book was a series and not an amazing trilogy. Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction Fantasy. About Christopher Paolini.

Christopher Paolini. Christopher Paolini was born on November 17, in Southern California. He has lived most of his life in Paradise Valley, Montana with his parents and younger sister, Angela.

The tall, jagged Beartooth Mountains rise on one side of Paradise Valley. Snowcapped most of the year, they inspired the fantastic scenery in the Inheritance Cycle. Christopher is grateful to all his readers. He is especially heartened to hear that his books have inspired young people to read and to write stories of their own.

Visit Paolini. Books by Christopher Paolini. Welcome back. They were tortured by Galbatorix and forced to serve him after he discovered their True Names. Murtagh stated that Selena was also his own mother, and Eragon is also the son of Morzan.

Since Murtagh is the eldest, he takes Zar'roc from a battle weary Eragon. The Twins also appear, leading the Empire, but are killed by Roran. After the battle, Eragon promises Roran to kill the Ra'zac and rescue Katrina with him.

The two of them, and Saphira go to Helgrind , the Ra'zac's lair, and kill one of them, while Saphira kills the two Lethrblaka, their parents and steeds. Nasuada is injured because she endured a trial with one of her own tribe to see who could endure the most pain and lead the Varden. Eragon, meanwhile, staying at Helgrind, kills the last Ra'zac and punishes Sloan.

Eragon travels back for the Varden, and is later joined by Arya on the way. Back at the Varden, Eragon offers to take back the curse on Elva, but she declines the offer.

Murtagh and Thorn attack, and Saphira bites off Thorn's tail, forcing them both to retreat. Eragon marries Roran and Katrina after the battle.

Because of Hrothgar's death, the dwarves are choosing a new king. Nasuada sends Eragon to make sure they choose Orik, as he is loyal to the Varden.

Orik turns this to his advantage and is chosen. At the coronation, Saphira arrives and repairs the Isidar Mithrim. Remembering Solembum's advice, Eragon looks under the Menoa Tree and finds some "brightsteel", but the tree makes Eragon and Saphira make a promise to repay her for giving it to them, but it is never stated. Roran has been sent on a few missions in the southern part of the Empire. One of these is to get the Varden's humans to trust a group of Urgals who have joined the Varden.

His bravery quickly makes him rise to become a Varden commander. Eventually the Varden attack the city known as Feinster. Eragon and Saphira arrive in the nick of time and turn the tide of the battle. While Eragon is feeling the tragedy, Arya is fighting a new Shade called Varaug. Eragon distracts him long enough to let Arya kill him. The battle of Feinster ends, and Nasuada makes plans to attack other Empire cities and kill Galbatorix.

Critical reaction Edit Inheritance became a commercial success, with the first two books topping several different bestselling charts.

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However, Inheritance has also been accused of plagiarism. The story has basically been called having a Star Wars plot with a Lord of the Rings atmosphere and names. A boy of foggy origins lives with his uncle in a remote, backwater region of a vast empire headed by an evil Emperor and his right-hand man, who was once prominent in an ancient order of guardians with mystical powers.

An object of vital importance to the rebellion against the Empire is transported from a princess under attack to the remote region of the Empire, where an old man lives who once belonged to the ancient order of guardians, and was part of the rebellion.

The farmboy comes across the object through sheer luck. As they travel, they train. The old hermit has the boy focus more on swordsmanship, but also teaches him a little bit about the ways of the mystical order of guardians and reason. The boy meets up with a rogue who is full of surprises for all his proclaimed selfishness.

The boy also begins having visions of a beautiful woman imprisoned and in need of help—the same princess who sent him the object of importance. The old hermit dies as a sacrifice so that the boy can escape from danger; the damsel is rescued, and they must set off to the rebellion. The Empire tracks them, and shortly after reaching the rebellion, they are attacked.

A massive battle happens, one whose outcome will either save the rebellion or destroy them completely. The boy is aided in this by one of his friends, who arrives at precisely the right moment. The boy is lauded a hero. The boy has a hallucination of a powerful master who can teach him more of the ancient order.

While there, he grows very powerful.

While he is away, the Rebellion regroups in a new area. Just when the boy is on a roll with his training, and has grown very powerful, he has a vision of his friends in great danger. He decides he must go to help them. His master warns him not to go. The boy promises that he will return.I have already started Brisinger and the 4th book will be headed my way as soon as it is released Tuesday.

Other plots in the story focus on Roran, Eragon's cousin, who leads the inhabitants of Carvahall to Surda to join the Varden, and Nasuada as she takes on her father's role as leader of the Varden.

Having never been a real fan of the LOTR book series though i loved the movies I was wary of any novel of the same genre, but this book left me enraptured and eagerly anticipati Eragon: This book will leave you wanting more with all of its twists and turns and cliffhangers.

With only an ancient sword and the advice of an old storyteller for guidance, Eragon and his dragon must navigate the dangerous terrain and dark enemies of an Empire ruled by a king whose evil knows no bounds.

Christopher is currently at work on Brisingr , the third volume in the cycle.

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