The Dake Bible app will finally give you the freedom to have your Dake Bible wherever you go and access to Rev. Dake's other books right at. Você não precisa de conexão de internet para usá-lo, basta fazer o download e instalá-lo. Take it with you on your Android Holy Bible. You do not need internet. The Dake Bible app will finally give you the freedom to have your Dake Bible wherever you go and access to Rev. Dake's other books right at your finger tips.

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Dake's annotated reference Bible: the Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments by: Dake, Finis, DOWNLOAD OPTIONS. Although we've had a software version of the Dake Bible for many years, we've been told by many of our loyal fans that they want something a little less. WordSearch, the search engine for our Dake Reference Library software, is offering over FREE software downloads. After download of our Software you can.

But I was more hungry for God than ever before. I cried out for a closer walk with Him, to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I spent hours in prayer and worship, seeking God. After three months of wholehearted surrender, I received a great anointing of the Spirit.

A cool and rushing wind came over me.


Torrents of praise began to flow from my lips as I received in measure what the disciples had on the day of Pentecost. It was May, , and I was seventeen years old. I was immediately able to quote hundreds of Scriptures without memorizing them. I also noticed a quickening of my mind to know what chapters and books various verses were found in. Before conversion, I had not read one full chapter of the Bible.


This new knowledge of Scripture was a gift to me, for which I give God the praise. From the time of this special anointing until now, I have never had to memorize the thousands of scriptures I use in teaching. I just quote a verse when I need it, by the anointing of the Spirit. I then began to study the Bible without ceasing, and have now spent around a hundred thousand hours digging into the wealth of its teachings.

From the first of my studies, I found the Bible to be simple and clear. Difficult passages in prophecy and elsewhere did not seem mystifying to me, for what was unclear in one passage was made clear by other scriptures on the same subject. Hours of study provided a rich storehouse to draw from as I yielded to the Spirit.

When I was eighteen I enrolled in a Bible Institute to prepare for the ministry. I soon learned that one must either believe what the Bible alone teaches, or spend his life wrestling with the confusing and varied interpretations of men.

The professors did not agree among themselves on some of the basic truths, and a number even disagreed with what the Bible plainly stated on certain subjects. I thus became acquainted with a perplexing array of doctrines.

Some of them were in agreement with Scripture and could be proved when all passages dealing with the subject were examined. We have about 2, "Likes" on Facebook.

When we reach 3,, we'll be holding a Bible Giveaway. Click HERE to enter!

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The writings of Finis Jennings Dake have literally circled the world. Available NOW!

Our customers told us that the Dake Compact Bible was a great size to carry, but the text was just too small. The Large Print Dake Bible was easy to read, but too big to carry around.

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Want the look and feel of reading the Bible like its on your desk? This will give you the actual layout and real page turning affect like you are holding the printed copy in your hand.

HERE for site. No existe una Biblia como esta en el mercado actual.

Es lo que todos estos recursos pueden hacer por ti. With your tax deductible donation, we can help supply a Bible to an inmate, Pastor or Missionary that is unable to download a Dake Bible.But my hair is gray too now, yet my decision remains the same. The access to the Dake Library is great.

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The app will also provide you with easy access to our YouTube Channel and Facebook page. Dispensational issues are treated in a systematic fashion, along with hundreds of details of biblical prophecy.

It's what those tools do for you. There are over audios and some videos. Android Requires Android OS 4. Commentary Notes are just one of the many reasons why we think you'll agree that the Dake Bible is the ultimate study Bible!

If symbolic, figurative, or typical language was used, then he looked for the literal truth intended. In addition to these specific categories of commentary, the Dake Bible is filled with notes which expound on the text in some meaningful way.

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