Opening Doors Within: Daily Meditations from Findhorn. Serving as a perennial meditational diary, this new edition presents inspirational and practical messages for everyone embarking upon the journey to find a true inner self and spiritual truth. Mike Scott is the founding. Opening Doors Within - Daily Meditations Eileen Caddy's «Opening Doors Within» is a wonderful diary of inspirational and practical. From Eileen Caddy's book Opening Doors Within. The Golden Portal http://www. Eileen Caddy. Far too many souls waste time and energy.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Eileen Caddy was instrumental in creating the international spiritual community centered around the Findhorn Foundation. Opening Doors Within: Daily Meditations from Findhorn [Eileen Caddy, Mike Scott] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For 20 years. Opening Doors Within book. Read 5 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A diary of inspirational and practical messages offered in the.

You can start right now banishing all bitterness, criticism and negativity in your thinking. You will find as you do your part, you will be helping the whole.

But you cannot do it on your own. Do it with My help. Text above is from Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press and currently available in 16 languages. The event will feature some of the clearest and most passionate voices for the Earth ever gathered together in one place.

Due to the popularity of this event our actual physical spaces have already been booked out, however you can still secure a ticket to attend this event via live stream! Let the mist of unworthiness evaporate. Move forward and embrace life as it presents itself to you.

Practice the art of inclusion and allowing. It is up to you to choose what today is going to be and then make it so. Why not choose now? Text above is from Opening Doors Within, published by Findhorn Press and currently available in 16 languages. Sat 19 October 3 Days Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe Many of us, especially in these times, sense a longing for a world that seems close, but not quite here.

The innocent freedom of nature calls to something in us. There are moments when we glimpse the possibility of living in flow, as if dancing or singing ourselves into being. We will be exploring an opportunity to enter a partnership that is newly emerging in this time for many people: the realm of the Sidhe.

Monthly Theme for June The unshakable knowing of the heart when nothing makes sense to the mind. Optimism is an expression of faith in action. Faith is the breath of God that animates our soul. We cannot see it, we can only feel it — when we pay attention.

My store-houses are full to overflowing. As you get your values right, you will lack absolutely nothing. But always remember to put me first in everything, to give thanks for everything, and to return to me that which you have finished with. See that they are carried out to the letter, and never fail to see them through, no matter how seemingly difficult or heavy they may appear to be at the time.

Always remember that I never give you more than you are able to carry without giving you the help and strength to do it. As you shoulder your responsibilities, you grow in stature and strength and become dependable and reliable so that I can give you even greater responsibilities to carry.

I need more and more reliable and dependable souls to carry the load. I need you willing and able to do it without any fear of not being able to do it. Never at any time be a defeatist. You can do anything when you make up your mind you can, and refuse even to contemplate failure.

Simply know that you will succeed, and you will. Learn to be very patient and to wait for the right timing for everything. Know that all things will work out perfectly when you wait upon me and do not rush ahead unguidedly.

Much is waiting to unfold at the right time. Everything is being speeded up, but nevertheless it will be an unfolding process which will take place, for there is perfect harmony and rhythm in my plan. Nothing is out of step, so work with it and not against it.

If you try to work against it, you will simply exhaust yourself and will get nowhere, and it will be like swimming against the tide. You will either remain stationary by swimming with all your strength, or you will be swept back with the force of the tide. Avoid working against something which is inevitable, but instead learn to go along with it in absolute peace and confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time..

Are you taking anything or anyone for granted? Do you ever feel bored and fed up with life? Are you a giver or a taker? Is your life one of service to your fellow human beings, or do you demand certain rights for yourself?

You cannot expect to find true and lasting happiness unless you give, and are there to serve without any demand for the self in any way. Only when you can accept that this life is a life of service, a life of giving, a life of complete dedication to me and in my service, a life where the self is forgotten and you are living for the whole, can you understand what I mean when I say that it is indeed a full and glorious life you are living and how mightily blessed you are.

So start right now expanding your consciousness. Start living and working for the whole, and see how your entire outlook and attitude will change. Relax and let me take over.

Never start the day strained and full of tension. Sleep and rest renew the Spirit and revitalise it. Start the day off on the right foot with a heart full of love and gratitude, full of great expectations for the new day. Today has no blemishes on it to mar it, so why not keep it that way? Keep your consciousness raised to the highest and see the most wonderful happenings unfold this day.

It is a new day and a new way. Leave yesterday behind with all its faults and failings, and turn over a new page. Why drag the old behind you into this new day? By all means learn your lessons, but why dwell so much on those lessons that they drag you down so that you cannot enter the new with a light and joyous heart?

It is simply a question of recognising and accepting what is happening and raising your consciousness so that you are fully aware of all that is taking place within and around you. If you are not aware of all that is taking place at this time, it does not mean it is not happening. It simply means you have shut it out by your own pride and arrogance which have blinded you to the wonders all around you. Therefore keep raising your consciousness.

The higher you raise it, the more clearly can you see the truth, and there is nothing in the way to blot out the full vision. When you have beheld the wonder of that vision, then bring it down and live it; let it become part of your everyday living.

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Unless a vision is manifested in form, it does not become reality. I tell you to behold my new heaven and new earth manifested in form now. Even if you do not achieve that high aim every time, at least you will find yourself being stretched to capacity. Always expect the very best in life; see yourself receiving it; and give eternal thanks for it.

Remember that I know what you have need of, even before you ask, and all your needs are being wonderfully met. How blessed you are to know these wonderful truths and to be able to absorb them into the very depths of your being! To be aware of the tremendous changes and the constant growth and expansion on all levels.

To know that with all the upheavals in the world which are bound to come, for the old must go to make room for the new, no harm will befall those souls who have learnt to put their whole faith and trust in me. To know without a shadow of a doubt that with me all things are possible. Always remember, you have to do your part. You have to put first things first, and as you do so, you open up all doors, and I am able to work wonder upon wonder in and through you.

Without channels, my work is held up. I need more and more channels cleared of the self so there is nothing to stop the free flow in and through you. I cannot use you unless you give of yourself. I never take anything unless it is freely given. So give your all to me, withhold nothing, and forget the self completely in your giving.

Get into rhythm with life, into rhythm with me, and flow with ease and grace. Waste no more time thinking about it, but do something about it now. There is nothing haphazard. Even though it may appear to be very strange, all is in my divine plan. You would not be where you are, doing what you are doing at this time, if I had not laid my hand upon you. My ways are not your ways. Seek always to do my will. I know what is best for you, so why fight against it and think that you know best?

Have absolute faith and trust in me. Know that I am always here and that I will never let you down or forsake you. Keep turning to me. Listen to what I have to say to you in the silence and obey my slightest whisper. Obedience opens up a whole new life for you and releases new energies which have been hidden deep within you waiting to be released when you are ready and willing to follow them without question.

Anything can happen, for my laws are the keys that open all doors and make all things possible. Recognise them as my laws, and never fail to give eternal thanks for them, and use them to my honour and glory and for the benefit of the whole.

Then only the most wonderful happenings can come out of their right use, and all shall benefit from them. Power used aright under my guidance can change the course of history, creating the new heaven and new earth.

Used wrongly, it can bring only devastation and destruction. Power is something that must not be played with, but must be treated with great respect. I am power. I hold all creation in my hand, and you are part of that whole.

Blend with it, and find your rightful place in it. Feel the warmth of it, the joy of it, and the freedom that comes with it. Love is an inner state of being. It does not have to be talked about, for it expresses itself in a thousand and one little ways: a look, a touch, an action. Love is everywhere, but you have to be aware of it to appreciate it fully.

The air you breathe is everywhere, but you take it all for granted unless you stop and become aware of it and of the fact that it keeps you alive. Take nothing for granted, for when you do, it takes all the joy and sparkle out of life. Love starts with small beginnings and grows and grows. When you truly love one another, you have faith and trust in each other. Keep that love flowing and let nothing stand in the way. Let my divine love flow through everything, and know that peace which passes all understanding.

To tackle any difficult job in a half-hearted way does not call for success; but when it is tackled wholeheartedly and with a real desire to see it work, only the very best will come about. Let everything you undertake be undertaken whole-heartedly, from the very smallest and mundane job to the most difficult and complicated ones.

Be willing to accept real challenges in life, and never be afraid of them. When they are faced in the right spirit and with the inner knowledge that it is I working in and through you who will help you to accomplish the task, anything can happen. Change your outlook, and you can open the door to an inflow of very positive and creative energies to your whole being. Realise you can change and change at great speed, but it is up to you.

Have you got your values right? Why not take time to be still, go into the silence, study your motives, and see whether they are of the highest? Only you can do it. No one else can do it for you. It may even mean waiting upon me without receiving an immediate answer.

You may have important lessons to learn which you can learn only by being still and waiting upon me, especially if you are an impatient and demanding soul.

Why make excuses for yourself? You know all the answers in theory. Now it is time you put them into practice and see how they work for you. You will never learn these vitally important lessons until you put them to the test yourself. Why not do it now and stop wasting time thinking about them? Learn to get your values right and put first things first. Let me work in and through you. February 17 W HEN YOU ARE willing to surrender your all to me and hold nothing back, then your every need will be wonderfully met and your life will flow with abundance, for you open the flood gates when you surrender all to me.


Absorb this law into your whole being until it becomes part of you and you vibrate with that rhythm of all life and know the meaning of wholeness, of being in tune with the whole of creation, and therefore in tune with me.

I am the creator of all creation; I am the wholeness of all life. Raise your consciousness, and realise that I am within you, that this wholeness is here within you, and that nothing can separate you from the wonder of it except your own limited consciousness.

Why not let go and let it expand? Allow nothing to stop that expansion of consciousness until you can accept that I am in you, and you are in me, and we are One. When you pour forth criticism and negativity, so shall they be returned to you a hundredfold. That which is deep within you will be reflected in your life without. You cannot hide your discontent, your dislike or your misery, for sooner or later they will erupt on the outer like a boil, and then it will have to be lanced.

The sooner the poison is dispersed, the better. The best and the quickest way of doing it is to change your whole attitude. Replace those poisonous, negative, critical thoughts with thoughts of purest love, harmony and understanding. It can be done at great speed. You do not have to wallow in your misery and depression. You do not have to waste precious time being sorry for yourself.

When you want to do something about your situation, you can do it immediately. Change can come in the twinkling of an eye. For example, learn to do what has to be done quietly and unobtrusively and without any noise or fanfare. Do not sweep such lessons aside or think you know all the answers and therefore you do not have to learn such elementary lessons.

Look deep within and let not spiritual pride blind you to your shortcomings, for you cannot be fully used when you allow spiritual pride to stand in the way.

So often pride can prevent you from learning new and vitally important lessons which are waiting to be learnt, and it can stunt your spiritual growth. There is always something new and wonderful to learn and absorb, and you will only be able to do it when you are willing to keep open and realise your need.

Seek to meet that need in true humility and deep gratitude. You never stop learning in this life.

I am with you always. I go before you to prepare the way; and it will unfold in true perfection at the right time.

You must have faith, and your faith must be strong and rocklike to be able to live this life. Your faith grows stronger when it is put into practice. Faith is not something to be talked about. It has to be lived so that all souls can see that it is not some glorious state of living up in the clouds, but is very real and is something that works in everyday living.

It is quite useless to talk about faith or read about it if you do not live by it. It means you have to step off the deep end and swim, not just paddle around in the shallows with your foot on the bottom, pretending to yourself that you can swim. Why not get into action and live this full and glorious life now? So why not treat your fellow human beings with love and respect?

Try to understand them and be willing to go that second mile with them if necessary. Be very tolerant, very patient and very loving. It is the way you would like to be treated yourself, so live as you would wish others to live. Be a good example, but never do it because you feel it is expected of you.

Do it because you want to do it and long with all your heart to give of your best in everything you do, say and think. The greater your desire, the easier it will be to fulfil it. Never be satisfied with anything mediocre or half-hearted. See that everything you do is of the very highest, that your motives are pure, and that there is nothing selfish or self-centred in anything you do.

It takes all sorts to make a world. I do not want you all alike, like peas in a pod. I need you all different, each doing your specific job and playing your specific part, blending in perfectly with the whole. It does not mean that there need be any disharmony or discord because you are all different. There are many different musical instruments in a full orchestra, and each has its rightful place in the whole and blends in perfectly when working in harmony with the whole.

It is when individual souls go off on their own tangents with no thought or consideration for the whole that discord and chaos are created.

When your heart is in the right place and you are living and working together for the good of the whole, only the very best will come forth. Therefore cease struggling and let go. All you have to do is to be, and let everything unfold. Hold nothing to the self, but give and give and go on giving, and so make room for more and more to infill you.

The more aware you are of the changes which are taking place, and the more open you are to them, the faster can they come about. They become a part of you and you become a part of them.

The ground has been prepared and the seeds have been sown. Now is the time of growing, expanding and flowering, and this process is what is taking place at this time. Behold the wonder and beauty of it all! See more and more souls awaken and become aware of what is happening.

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There is a tremendous surge forward. The ways of the Spirit are beginning to be a living reality to the many. Live by the Spirit, walk in the ways of the Spirit, and become one with all life.

You have free choice, for I have given all human beings free will. You are not like a puppet that cannot move without having the strings pulled. You can seek and find what is right for you, and then it is up to you what you do about it.

You only find real peace of heart and mind when you follow what you know is right for you, so seek and go on seeking until you have found your specific way and then follow it. It may mean having to stand on your own and do something strange in the eyes of others, but be not daunted.

Do whatever it is because you know within that it is right for you and that only the very best will come out of it. Keep moving forward, and know that the answer will be revealed to you when you are persistent and persevere.

Be strong and of good courage, knowing that you will get there, come what may. There is no turning back at this stage. All the doors have been locked and barred behind you, so you must move forward. Time is getting short, and there is much to be done. You have your part to play in the overall plan.

Find your rightful place in it, for when you know where you fit in, you can be at peace and can do what has to be done in complete confidence. It is a wonderful plan, a glorious one, so have no fear as you take part in it. Simply give of your very best and so help to fulfil it as quickly as possible, and watch it unfold in true perfection. At other times you can see the changes taking place in front of your eyes as they unfold step by step. Then there are times when things happen overnight — rather as in winter, when you go to bed at night and the world outside is normal, and when you wake up in the morning, everything is covered with snow.

You have not had to do a thing about it; it has all happened in the most miraculous way. There are many different ways in which the new will be revealed.

All you have to do is go along with it and not resist it. Change need not be painful. It is inevitable because nothing can remain the same; and if you look into your heart, you would not want it to do so. Otherwise, you are like a bird in a cage, which, even though the door of the cage is wide open and it is free to fly where it will, fails to recognise its freedom and goes on fluttering about in its cage getting nowhere.

You can go through the whole of your life like that bird, completely blind and in bondage, unless you recognise that you are free and accept your freedom and use it as it should be used, in the realms of the Spirit where there are no limitations, boundaries and barriers to hold you back. All human beings are free if only they would recognise it and accept it.

That freedom is being held out to you, but you have to accept it before you can use it. Why not accept your freedom now, realising that you are bound to no one and nothing, and that you are capable of doing anything you desire? You pray that my kingdom come, my will be done on earth; now cease praying for it and claim it. Prayers without faith are empty. You must learn to pray believing with all your heart, mind and soul, so that your prayers, whatever they are, are very real and concrete, and you know without any doubt that they are being answered.

Limit nothing. There is no limitation in my kingdom, and my kingdom is come, and in my kingdom all things are possible. Learn to live beyond yourself and your very human limitations. Live in the realms of the Spirit where you can do all things in me.

I strengthen and uphold you, so know that I am with you always. How can it be otherwise, for I am within you. Every soul needs to be stabilised, and it can only come about in peace and stillness. Once that inner stability has been established, you can go anywhere and do anything without outer chaos and confusion affecting you in any way.

Do you enjoy being still, or are you uncomfortable in the stillness? Does it make you squirm to find yourself in the silence, and do you long for noise and action all around you? Do you always want to be busy doing things, and find great difficulty in stilling your body and mind? There are millions of souls in the world who cannot bear silence; they have to have constant noise and action around them.

They are restless within and without. I tell you, times of peace and stillness are very precious in a world of turmoil. Seek them, find them and remain in them. A strong wind was blowing, and the sails were turning at great speed. Then the wind dropped and the sails stopped turning, for they were completely dependent upon the wind for their movement.

I heard the words: Put not your security in things of this life, but put your security in me, the source of all power and strength deep within you. Expect miracle upon miracle to come about, and do not limit in any way.

Opening Doors Within

The more open you are, the better, for then there is nothing in the way to stop the flow of my laws, for miracles are simply my laws in action. Flow with those laws, and anything can happen! See the perfection of my plan unfold. There is no sense of rush or hurry.

When something unfolds, it can unfold at great speed, but it does so with a great sense of peace and serenity, perfect timing and precision. Be afraid of nothing, for there is nothing to fear when your faith and trust are in me.

I am within you, so see the perfection of my plan come about within you and without. It all starts from within and works its way without; therefore let nothing in you hinder its progress. Let it all come, and behold the new heaven and new earth. Those same souls talk about loving me, but do not know the first thing about love.

It is a waste of time talking about loving someone you have not seen, when you are incapable of loving those souls you have all around you and who need your love, wisdom and understanding. First learn to love those souls whom I have placed in your immediate surroundings; then you will know what it means to love me truly.

Why grope your way through life when all you have to do is to stride firmly through it in faith and confidence, knowing that I am with you? Here I am, holding out to you all my good and perfect gifts, but if you will not accept them, you cannot benefit from them.

Freely I give them to you; freely you have to accept them, and then use them wisely for the benefit of the whole. If you can accept them and simply absorb them like a piece of blotting paper, the changes will come about within and around you in great peace and harmony.

You will find that you will change with the changes without being unduly affected by them and that you will live and move and breathe in them as naturally as a fish does in water. You will be able to accept your new environment and become perfectly adjusted to it without any strain. A child moves from kindergarten to primary and from primary to secondary school without any difficulty because it takes it all in its stride and moves forward step by step, accepting each new subject and adjustment as it comes.

It could not be moved straight from kindergarten to secondary, for it would be completely lost. Do not be concerned; I will not move you too swiftly. All is in my perfect timing. It is the secret solution to every situation.

Why not prove it to yourself by putting it into practice to see how it works? Until you try something and put it to the test, it remains a theory. This life is a very real, very practical life, a life of action. There is nothing theoretical about it, but it is up to you to do something about it to prove that it is so. The daylight is there, but until you pull back the curtains, you remain in darkness. Water is in the tap, but until you turn on the tap and let the water flow, it remains static.

Food can be sitting there on your plate, but until you put it into your mouth and eat it, it does you no good. So get into action and do it now.

To be a whole person, you need to know yourself, know where you are going and know what you are doing, and then go ahead in confidence and live a whole, glorious and full life. Never have any doubts about yourself or your ability to be whole.

It is doubts and fears and worries that prevent you from establishing wholeness; so cease your worrying, and banish all fears and doubts, in the knowledge that I am with you always and that with me all things are possible.

But remember, always let your faith and confidence be in me, the Lord your God, the divinity within you. Walk hand in hand with me; consult me at all times; and let me guide and direct you. I am within you, therefore nothing from without can interfere with our direct contact.

Feel safe and secure in this knowledge. When your security is in me, all is indeed very, very well. Therefore see that that thought is constructive, positive and loving, and then you will find yourself saying constructive things and acting in a loving way. In fact, your whole outlook will be positive, and your life will be filled with love, joy, happiness, health, success and harmony.

When you are at all sensitive and you have negative and destructive thoughts, they undermine your whole being. Your outlook becomes dimmed, and you feel depressed and even physically ill. Try to understand that you bring this state on yourself by your wrong thinking.

Change it and you will change everything. You may imagine that you are surrounded by many difficulties and that your whole situation is to blame for your negative state of mind, but is it? The choice always lies in your hands.

You have to start with yourself. You have to start in a small way and let it grow and expand. A mighty oak tree has its beginnings in a tiny acorn, and yet within that tiny acorn it contains everything. You contain the peace of the world within you, so why not let it grow and expand within until it no longer can be contained and bursts forth, bringing peace and harmony into the world?

It starts within you, so be consciously aware of the vitally important part which you have to play to help bring peace and harmony into the world. Never stand back and blame anyone else for the state of the world, but get into action and do something about it yourself.

Now, be at perfect peace as you do my will and walk in my ways, glorifying me. You are here to radiate love, light and wisdom to all those souls in need. You have work to do, and you can do this work only when you have sorted yourself out and can become one with the whole, when you no longer stand apart and criticise and separate yourself from the whole.No one else can do it for you. There are many avenues to explore, so why not explore them?

It does not have to be talked about, for it expresses itself in a thousand and one little ways: a look, a touch, an action. Books by Eileen Caddy. Keep your sights raised.

It is doubts and fears and worries that prevent you from establishing wholeness; so cease your worrying, and banish all fears and doubts, in the knowledge that I am with you always and that with me all things are possible.

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