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Harry Harrison is an American science fiction author best known for his character the Stainless Steel Rat and the novel Make Room! the basis for the film Soy. Deathworld is a series of science fiction novels by Harry Harrison including the books Deathworld, Deathworld 2 and Deathworld 3, plus the short story The Mo. Harry Harrison (–) began writing science fiction in the s and remains one of the top-selling authors in the genre. Harrison is best known for his .

His body seemingly chiseled out of flat slabs of muscle. Then Jason saw the gun strapped to the inside of the other man's forearm, and he let his fingers drop casually behind the pillow. Jason had his fingers on his own gun when he said, "I'm afraid I'll have to insist.

I always feel a little uncomfortable around people who wear guns. Fast and smooth. He could have been moving in slow motion for all the difference it made.

Kerk Pyrrus stood rock still while the gun came out, while it swung in his direction. Extrapolating backward, it is clear to Jason that the flora and fauna were once far less hostile to humans. Jason also learns of greatly despised "grubbers", humans living outside the city, with whom the Pyrrans grudgingly trade hardware for increasingly necessary food.

After several weeks, Jason leaves the city in search of the grubbers, who live in harmony with the harsh environment. They practice what many would consider suicidal forms of animal husbandry , with the assistance of their telepathic "talkers". Jason is able to earn their trust by demonstrating his own abilities. The outsiders' knowledge of the initial colonization effort is even more intriguing than that of the city dwellers.

Not long after their arrival, animals suddenly began attacking the city, and have not stopped since. However, a number of colonists lived outside the city. Though they still found the planet incredibly harsh, they never suffered such attacks. The grubbers are their descendants. The two factions despise each other.

The grubbers hate the city Pyrrans, or "junkmen", for cutting them off from space and refusing to trade food or ore for scientific knowledge or advanced technology—particularly medicine.

The junkmen hate the grubbers for thriving while they are dying.

While studying the grubber community, he notices an anomaly—though the life-forms throughout the area are dangerous, they are nowhere near as lethal as the ones around the city. Some grubbers theorize that the initial schism was a disagreement over the city's location, in which the ancestors of the grubbers abandoned the dangerous ground in favor of their current homes. Jason has the grubbers guide him back to the city, so he can see it from the outside.

There his psionic senses confirm his hypothesis. Pyrrus' biosphere is intentionally attacking the city. Jason shares this information with the grubbers and wins their total support.


They ask Jason to go back to civilization and return with a ship. In return they will reward him handsomely.

Jason agrees, but only to get back to the city. He knows that though the grubbers would keep their word, the first thing they would get from civilization would be weapons with which to make war on the city. He has a better idea, and shares it with Kerk along with the truth about the attacks. Jason builds a device that can track the intelligence giving commands to the native flora and fauna to attack the city, and puts it in the city's spaceship to search.

They detect that the psychic commands emanate from a cave on an island far from the city. Jason prepares to go down and "talk" to what may be an alien intelligence, but the junkmen decide instead to attack and kill the intelligence.

The resulting battle ends with hundreds dead, along with the intelligence after the entire island is destroyed in a nuclear blast. However, the attacks on the city grow even worse than before. Kerk blames Jason for the loss of the attack team although the order to attack was given by him and the futility of the plan and prepares to kill him.


Jason is barely able to flee in an escape pod, but it is shot down by Kerk. Jason crashes into the jungle and is stricken with a Pyrran infection.

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He awakens in the grubber village. The grubbers witnessed his escape and killed a junkman for his medkit to treat Jason. Then the village's "quakeman", who is precognitive , warns of an impending quake. The grubbers put Jason on a stretcher and follow the quakeman as he runs from the village, accompanied by just about every animal in the area.

A tectonic event hits the village, flattening it. The animals flee together, without attacking each other. Jason realizes the nature of the conflict. But he needs to tell everyone—grubbers and junkmen—at the same time. Only by uniting their resources can his people hope to prevail against Isabeau, the deadly Queen of the Light Court.

He will do anything and use anyone to return home to Lyonesse. When Nikolas encounters Sophie, he sees a tool to be used. The insouciant witch might be the key to unlocking every passageway that has been barred to the knights of the Dark Court, even as a fascination for her takes root in what's left of his soul. Sophie has no intention of becoming anyone's pawn, yet the fierce Nikolas is so compelling, she can't deny the temptation that endangers her guarded heart.

As magic threatens Lyonesse, Queen Isabeau unleashes her merciless Hounds, and Nikolas and Sophie become embroiled in a race for survival. Meanwhile, the passion that ignites between them burns too hot to be denied and quickly turns into obsession.

Thank goodness they both know better than to fall in love,,, Praise for Moonshadow "Moonshadow is exactly what I expect of a Thea Harrison story, a stay-up-all-night read. Marvelous characters, lots of action and romance, and just the right touch of humor.

This one goes on my keeper shelf. I loved this book. Moonshadow is Thea Harrison at her finest. I haven't been this excited since Dragon Bound! Moonshadow kicks off a new trilogy in Thea Harrison's fantastic Elder Races series. With a compelling heroine entering this world, this is a perfect place for readers to step into the ongoing story. The hero is intense, the heroine clever, and the sexual tension sizzling.

Can't wait to find out what happens next! I want to live in the Moonshadow world. Please don't miss anything written by Thea Harrison. She is a wonder.

Intrigue goes hand-in-hand with an addictive romance that will please new and established readers alike. I can't wait to see what comes next. The bonds of love, trust, and friendship are stretched and sometimes snapped in a war of attrition that crosses time and worlds.

Thea Harrison blows the doors off with some rollicking good storytelling in Moonshadow. The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real.

Harry Harrison

Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locale or organizations is entirely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced, scanned or distributed in any manner whatsoever without written permission, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles and reviews. Any mistakes are entirely my own.

I'm so honored to know all of you. And last but certainly not least, I owe a big thank you to my assistant, Charlotte, and to beta reader extraordinaire, Andrea.

I don't know how I got to be so lucky, but I'm glad you both came into my life. Chapter One After another night filled with nightmares, Sophie overslept. When she finally woke and looked blearily around her bedroom, she could tell by the angle of the light along the edges of the blinds that the day was no longer new. The day had, in fact, not been new for some time. Her stomach took a nosedive as she snatched up her alarm clock.

Damn it. Her technology curse had struck again. Resorting to an old-fashioned windup clock hadn't helped in the slightest, and the clock's hands had stopped at Ignoring the flare of aches in her shoulder, abdomen, and right thigh, she shoved upright and limped into the living room to check her cell phone. The screen confirmed what she already knew. She was horribly late. Now she was faced with a choice that no coffee-drinking witch ever wanted to face.

She could either fix coffee or throw her runes for a quick reading before she showered and left for her meeting.

A good night's sleep had become a thing of the past, and she really needed that caffeine. But leaving her apartment without doing a reading had become unthinkable. Not since the shooting. She never missed throwing the runes in the morning for whatever message, good or bad, the reading might be able to tell her about the day.

Deathworld by Harry Harrison

She could cancel the meeting, and for a moment temptation tugged at her. Part of her wanted to drink coffee in the dark with the curtains shut while listening to the distant sounds of LA traffic, but that was how she had spent most of her time since being released from the hospital.The names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer's imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. The battle at the perimeter still continued, since the massed malevolence of the Pyrran life forms were not going to call a truce simply because the two warring groups of humans had done so.

The insouciant witch might be the key to unlocking every passageway that has been barred to the knights of the Dark Court, even as a fascination for her takes root in what's left of his soul. She had never experienced anything like that, and she had been practicing magic for as long as she could remember.

Find More Posts by WillAdams. Make Room! Fast and smooth. A good night's sleep had become a thing of the past, and she really needed that caffeine. While Soylent Green has become a cult classic, fans of the novel have taken issue with its interpretation of what Harrison was really trying to say.

Today, and for some days past, he had found himself living with a persistent feeling of irritation, that had arrived at the same time as his discovery that it is far easier to fight a war than to administer a peace.

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