The Seeking Heart (Library of Spiritual Classics) Paperback – June 1, Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics, Volume 2) by Jeanne Guyon Paperback $ Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ (Library of Spiritual Classics,. The Seeking Heart book. Read 19 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The name Fenelon has stood for spiritual depth and insight for Have you got a seeking heart? "You need to learn to separate yourself from unnecessary and restless thought which grow out of self-love.

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The name Fenelon has stood for spiritual depth and insight for years. Seeking Christians throughout the years have turned again and again to his writings. One of my friends, whose spiritual life I respect, told me that Francois Fenelon's The Seeking Heart changed his life. I had never heard of. he wrote to the Marquis de Fenelon, .. Fenelon reports the people in a state o f heart . seek it, but, half- unthinkingly, we smooth away obstacles, and show.

The Seeking Heart

I have marked it as "reading" as it is one of those books I return to frequently. Each letter offers an important insight, and gently takes my thinking away from its usual self-centered mode, to a more other-centered or God-centered one.

I guess I use this book as my Guide to Good Living. I should probably read it more often!

Aug 12, Diana rated it it was amazing This is a wonderfully written book. The bio at the beginning of the book stated the author, Fenelon was born several hundred years ago in I started in the afternoon and couldn't put it down.

Breakfast with Fred: Mentoring a Generation of Leaders

The Seeking Heart reads like a collection of excerpts from his correspondence. The short selections, some as short as a couple of paragraphs, none longer than two pages, admonish the reader to trust God, endure suffering, and pray earnestly.

Although no context for the selections is given in the Seed Sowers Library of Classics edition, one can often easily discern hints of the back stories of these letters. Here are some typical examples of the first lines: "I am truly sorry about all your troubles. Nothing of the lessons is lost by the omission of personal details.

The Seeking Heart is bits and pieces, without a continuous narrative or development.

Each short selection can be read independently. However, Fenelon returns to several themes throughout.

This brought him a good deal of influence at court. He wrote several important works specifically to guide his young charge.

Breakfast with Fred: Mentoring a Generation of Leaders

These include his Fables and his Dialogues des Morts. On another level, it became a biting attack on the divine right absolute monarchy which was the dominant ideology of Louis XIV's France.

It also more directly supplied the plot for Mozart 's opera, Idomeneo The American president Andrew Jackson wallpapered the entrance hall to his slave plantation, The Hermitage, in Tennessee, with scenes from Telemachus on the Island of Calypso. Telemachus is therefore widely seen as the most thorough exposition of the brand of reformism in the Beauvilliers-Chevreuse circle, which hoped that following Louis XIV's death, his brand of autocracy could be replaced by a monarchy less centralized and less absolute, and with a greater role for aristocrats such as Beauvilliers and Chevreuse.

The commission sat at Issy and, after six months of deliberations, delivered its opinion in the Articles d'Issy, 34 articles which briefly condemned certain of Mme Guyon's opinions, as well as set forth a brief exposition of the Catholic view of prayer. Mme Guyon immediately submitted to the decision. At Issy, the commission asked Bossuet to follow up the Articles with an exposition. This unleashed two years of pamphlet warfare as the two sides traded opinions.

With this, the Quietist matter was dropped.

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However, that same year, The Adventures of Telemachus was published.He died on 7 January The Seeking Heart reads like a collection of excerpts from his correspondence. Each stirring work is divided into short chapters, making Spiritual Progress ideal for morning or evening devotions.

It is thus a wonderful book full of guidance for one's spiritual progress. These five inspiring works are composed by three closely linked mystical thinkers of the 17th century--Francois Fenelon, Madame Guyon, and Pere La Combe. Several passages spoke directly to me. Highly recommend this to those seeking a closer walk with the Lord.

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