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Death Comes as the End is a historical mystery novel by Agatha Christie, it is the only one of Christie's novels not to be set in the 20th century. It is Egypt, BC, where death gives meaning to life. At the foot of a cliff lies the broken, twisted body of Nofret, concubine to a Ka-priest. Young, beautiful and . NOTES ON THE NAMES OF THE CHARACTERS IN AGATHA CHRISTIE, DEATH COMES AS THE END Edmund S. Meltzer The arti le hi h β€œte e Vi so has.

Who will be the next victim? Highlights: Crimes are as old as the human civilisation itself. They may not be recorded but the fact that those occurred exist.

Christie understood it well and the result was a story plot which involves family politics in a noble household, supposing a mortuary priest four thousand years ago was highly respected profession.

I can imagine the excitement of her readers when she finally wrote crimes with a totally different approach. Such may have been a welcoming change from her usual Devonshire and Dartmoor locations as in her two previous published books Five Little Pigs and Evil Under The Sun There was neither police nor a conspiracy theory to invade Britain.

A little man with his egg-shaped head and grey cells retires from the scene.

15 September 1890 - 12 January 1976

Yet, how was crimes solved before the age of sleuths and constables? Still very young and beautiful, she is transformed into a woman who is matured by deaths.

It is as if her grief is not enough, for her aim for going back is to find peace and a semblance to normality β€” not more deaths. After eight years away everything seems the same to her mind.

Or she thought it was as her views are gradually altered by the turns of the events. To begin with, a handsome Kameni, apparently a distant relative, comes with the priest and Nofret the concubine. Nofret is expected to be respected but she is as cunning as a fox. Next, Henet, the old servant; the one who sees the advantages of siding with Nofret.

But for Imhotep everyone wants her to go.

She hates Renisenb for no apparent reason. Satipy meets the same fate afterwards.

Agatha Christie DEATH COMES AS THE END (1944)

How wrong she was, for after her funeral Sobek is poisoned. As a heroine, Renisenb is rather unreliable and she is unsure about herself.

Halfway readers will see her becoming stronger, smarter and braver. The next morning, Ipy is found dead in the lake, drowned.

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The field of suspects has been further narrowed. Esa attempts to flush out the murderer by dropping a hint about the death of Satipy, but is herself murdered by means of poisoned unguent , despite the presence of a food taster.


Henet - who knows the murderer's identity and is momentarily powerful amid the chaos - is smothered by the linens used to wrap the ever-increasing number of victims. On the same cliff path where Nofret and Satipy died, Renisenb, apparently summoned by Hori, hears footsteps behind her and turns to see Yahmose.

She then sees the look of murderous hatred in her brother's eyes that the other women saw before they were killed. On the brink of her own death, she realises that Satipy was not looking in fear at anything beyond Yahmose β€” she was looking straight at him.

He had consumed a non-lethal dose of poison and pretended to recuperate while committing murders, both to make himself chief heir and to indulge his newfound love of violence.

As Renisenb realises some of this, Hori slays Yahmose with an arrow and saves her. Hori explains all. Renisenb's final choice is whom to marry: Kameni, a lively husband not unlike her first, or Hori, an older and more enigmatic figure. She makes her choice and falls into Hori's arms.

Maurice Willson Disher said in The Times Literary Supplement of 28 April that, "When a specialist acquires unerring skill there is a temptation to find tasks that are exceptionally difficult. They are painted delicately. The household of the priest, who is depicted not as a sacred personage, but as a humdrum landowner, makes an instant appeal because its members are human.

But while the author's skill can cause a stir over the death of an old woman some thousands of years ago, that length of time lessens curiosity concerning why or how she and others died.

Maurice Richardson, a self-proclaimed admirer of Christie, wrote in the 8 April issue of The Observer , "One of the best weeks of the war for crime fiction.

And it really is startlingly new, with its ancient Egyptian setting in the country household of a mortuary priest who overstrains his already tense family by bringing home an ultra-tough live in concubine from Memphis.

With her special archaeological equipment, Mrs Christie makes you feel just as much at home on the Nile in B. But she has not merely changed scenes; her reconstruction is vivid and she works really hard at her characters. My already insensate admiration for her leaps even higher. Robert Barnard: Done with tact, yet the result is somehow skeletal - one realises how much the average Christie depends on trappings: By Tomas Bogardus and Mallorie Urban.

Travel writing: Distance and Closeness in the Poetry of Arun Kolatkar. By Nachiket Joshi. Revelation 1: By Evert Jan Hempenius.

Death Comes As The End

Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?She then sees the look of murderous hatred in her brother's eyes that the other women saw before they were killed. Was it Nofret's vengeful spirit that she was looking at over Yahmose's shoulder moments before her death?

They are more than just friends - they are like soulmates.

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