The information contained in this document is current as of the date of publication and subject to change. Because Tally must respond. Tally Integrated Network, Tally Service Partner, TallyAcademy & Power of Simplicity are Version: Getting Started with Payroll for UAE/Release /April The information contained in this document represents the current view of Tally Solu tions Pvt. Ltd brocapazbebuh.ml brocapazbebuh.ml 9 Series A Release Notes - Tally.

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You can view Payroll Statutory reports either from the Statutory Reports menu or Payroll Reports menu i.e., Gateway of Tally > Display > Statutory Reports. Payroll Introduction in Tally ERP9 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or view presentation slides online. brocapazbebuh.ml 9's Payroll is fully integrated. Gateway of Tally. 9 – 9. 7. Change in Accounting Period. 10 – 8. Alter/Create New Company. 11 – 9. Recording of Opening Balances. 12 –

Payroll Accounting and Compliance38Figure ERP 9,only relevant groups appear during selection, to reduce erroneous data inputs 5. Set Affect Net Salary to Yes6. As Computed Value appears in the field Calculation Type by default8. Select Normal Rounding as the Rounding Method. Specify 1 as the rounding Limit andpress Enter9. Payroll Accounting and Compliance39Figure Press Enter to Accept the screen Specify as the Effective From date The From Amount column is automatically skipped, assuming the amount to be zero Specify in the Amount Upto column and press Enter Payroll Accounting and Compliance40Figure Specify Rs.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance41Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance42Figure Press Enter to Accept the screenii. In the Pay Head Creation screen,1. Specify the group as Current Liabilities in the field Under and press Enter5. Specify ESI 1. As Computed Value appears by default in the field Calculation Type8. Select the option Normal Rounding as the Rounding Method. Specify 1 as the roundingLimit and press Enter9.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance43Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance44Figure Specify 1. Any income of a regular nature will be subject to ESI calculation viz. Payroll Accounting and Compliance45Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance46Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance47Figure Gratuity refers to the monetary benefit given by the employer to the employee at the end of theemployment for the services rendered over a period of employment either by law or otherwise.

Itis calculated provisionally at the end of each financial period to assess the possible liability of thecompany towards its employees. A Gratuity Provisional Account is created to capture the detailsrequired for the calculation of gratuity. Gratuity is calculated based on select salary components. The formula used for Gratuity calculation is as follows.

Select Gratuity in the field Pay Head Type. The Slab Rate details for Gratuity Calculationscreen are displayed. In the Gratuity Calculation subscreen, specify the following details: The pay headsmust be set to Yes for Use for gratuity and the Gratuity ledger shouldbe part of the pay structure. Served period is computed from the date of joining to the end dateof calculation period. Served period may be proportionate such as 11years 10 months and 5 days. When Served period covers more than one slab, the total of calculationof all slabs will constitute the gratuity provisional amount of theemployee.

Press Enter to Accept the screen5. Gratuity days of a Month — The number of days per calendar monthvaries from 28 to In this case, you can apply a consistent period of26 days excluding 4 Sundays for all employees irrespective of theirmonth of leaving.

It can also be fixed by law. Number of months From and To — This represents the months untilwhich the eligible days are applicable in the Slab system, beginningfrom the date of joining. If the slabperiod has not ended, then the slab is applied based on the number ofmonths covered in the previous slab.

If the number of days eligible iszero 0 , then the eligible days mentioned in the next slab are consid-ered. Businesses having a common pay structure for a particular department or division or set ofemployees can define salary details for an employee group and classify individual employeesunder the specified group to inherit the parent pay values.

The Employee Group master prefillsthe parent group values to the individual employee masters created under them. It reduces thepossibility of erroneous data entry and expedites data entry. This categorisation also helps in gen-eration of Group-wise reporting.

Pay structure constituting the Pay Heads and basis of calculation should be similar for theemployees falling under the same group, but pay values need not be same.

ERP 9 also allows you to set up individual employee salary details with all parameters appli-cable for Employee groups. The individual employee masters with separate pay structure areusually created on a case-to-case basis. The Salary Details Creation screen is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance52Figure Select Conveyance as the next Pay Head4.

Payroll Introduction in Tally ERP9

Specify as Rate and press Enter5. Select Overtime Pay as the Pay Head6.

Specify 40 as the Rate and press Enter7. Select the Gratuity Expenses Provisional ledger and press EnterIn case of Employees eligible for Gratuity, the Gratuity Expenses ledger isrequired to be included in the Salary details of the respective Employee forprovisional assessment of Gratuity.

Rohit Roy is displayed as shown: ERP 9 allows you to modify the pre-defined Slab rates, by pressingF In case a revision in pay structure is required for any subsequent period,define the latest pay structure by specifying the relevant Effective fromdate.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance54Similarly, create the pay structure for the other employees as per the details given in the followingtable: Leave the Rate field empty if there is no standard rate. The completed Salary structure for the Sales Group is as shown. Payroll Accounting and Compliance55Figure This feature helps in eliminating the repititions while creating the Salary Details and expedites thepay structuring process.

To define the Salary Details for Mr. Ramesh Arora belonging to Sales Group, follow the stepsgiven below: Payroll Accounting and Compliance56Figure Enter the values for each Pay Head for Ramesh Arora as per the details mentioned earlier.

Press F Start Type Details: This will help you to save time in creat-ing the Salary Details for large number of Employees. Start Afresh will allow the user to start selecting the Pay Head fromthe List of pay Heads already created. Ramesh Arora is displayed as shown. Similarly, you can create the Salary Details for Atul Sharma. ERP 9 to record above Payroll transactions. Payroll Vouchers are used for the purposes of operating your payroll and also records the attend-ance of the employees for a given period.

These vouchers are basically used to input informationpertaining to Payroll processing. ERP 9 gives you the flexibility to enter the attendance records through a single attendancevoucher for a payroll period, or through multiple attendance vouchers as and when required withina payroll period.

Example 1: On 30th April, the attendance records of Indus Solutions Pvt. In the above scenario, separate attendance vouchers are required to be entered for recordingPresent days and Overtime hours. Payroll Accounting and Compliance60Figure Press F2 and specify the date as Press Enter4.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance61Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance62Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance63Specify the Default Value to Fill as 0Press Enter to accept the screenWhen Auto fill option is used, separate Attendance vouchers arerequired to be passed for recording attendance on Work and Produc-tion.

However, if attendance voucher is passed by manually selectingthe employees, then in such cases, you may record attendance onWork as well as Production in the same Attendance Voucher. If Absent is opted as Attendance Type, then the negative attendanceof the employees needs to be recorded.

This method help minimisedata entry time. Employees pertaining to the respective Employee Groups are displayed automaticallyFigure Specify the attendance details as given in the table aboveThe Attendance Voucher Creation screen with the attendance details screen is displayed asshown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance64Figure Press Enter9.

Enter the details of the transaction in the Narration fieldThe completed Attendance Voucher Creation for Present Attendance is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance65Figure The completed Attendance Voucher for Overtime Hours is displayed as shown. Payroll Accounting and Compliance66Figure It enables you to computeall the values for the respective Pay Heads Earnings and Deductions.

The calculations are made on the basis of the definitions specified in the pay head masters, paystructure and attendance entries.

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You can also record Overtime in hours, provided the Unit of Measure-ment for the Payroll unit is defined as Hrs. Payroll Accounting and Compliance67In Tally. ERP 9, the disbursement of salaries can be effected in any of the following modes.

Cash or Direct RemittanceExample 2: On 30th April, , Indus Solutions Pvt. Press F2, specify the date as and press Enter3. ERP 9, the following processes are preset for faster processing ofPayroll: This process is used for processing salaries for a specifiedperiod wherein Salaries are disbursed through Cash or a bank transfer. ESI Contribution: PF Contribution: Payroll Accounting and Compliance69Figure The Payroll Voucher Creation screen is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance70Figure Press Enter and specify the pay values for the pay heads defined as user-definable valuesagainst each employee in this case, define the Variable Pay Specify as Variable Pay for Atul Sharma Payroll Accounting and Compliance71Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance72Figure Press Enter to acceptII.

ERP 9 facilitates processing salaries throughBank transfer with the help of predefined Salary process. Example 3: On 31st May, Indus Solutions Pvt.

The attendance records displayed the following details: On 31st May , Indus Solutions Pvt. Step 1: The completed Attendance Voucher for Present days is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance74Figure The completed Attendance Voucher for Overtime Hours is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance75Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance76Figure Press Enter All the pay values are calculated for the applicable pay heads for each employeegrouped under the selected group.

Press Enter and specify the pay values for the pay heads defined as user-definable valuesagainst each employeeSpecify as Variable Pay for Ramesh AroraSpecify as Variable Pay for Rohit RoyThe completed Payroll Voucher for the month of May is displayed as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance78Figure Press Enter to acceptAfter passing the above entry, the salaries payable for the month of May are transferred tothe Salary Payable Ledger, at the time of payment of salaries, the amount is reversed.

ERP 9, Payment voucher can be used to effect salary disbursement to employees. Thepayment voucher for the salaries payable may be passed through regular payment voucher orautomated using the preset Salary Payment process available in Tally.

Example 4: Before passing the payment voucher, necessary Bank Accounts should be created. To make theSalary payment, follow the steps given below: Press F5 for Payment Voucher2.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance80Figure Press Enter and the employee payroll details appear by default. Enter the details of the transactions in the Narration fieldThe completed Payroll Payment Entry screen is displayed as shown. Payroll Accounting and Compliance81Figure Press Enter to acceptIf a partial payment of salaries is made to a particular group of employees, then generate aseparate payroll voucher for their payables and pass a separate payment entry based on the set-tlement.

However, Tally. ERP 9 also allows you to modify the payment amount to the Employees. The unpaid salary will remain as outstanding in the Salary payable account and can be auto-filledin the payment voucher as and when the actual payments are made.

If any cash disbursements are made prior to the payment voucherentry, after using the Auto-Fill facility, select the unpaid salaries andenter zero 0 in the amount payable. If salaries are disbursed by cheque, select individual employee in theAuto Fill Employee Filter and print the cheque for the paymentvoucher.

Implementation of Payroll in Tally.ERP 9

In such cases, a separate payroll payment entries for eachemployee has to be made. The Act coversthree schemes namely. The Contribution payable by the Employer is not allowed to be deducted from the wages of theemployee.

However, the employer has to deduct employees share from their Salaries and paythe same in EPF scheme. The deduction can be only from the wages pertaining to a period forwhich contribution is paid. However, if there is an accidental omission, the amount can berecovered later.

On retirement, theemployee gets his full share plus the balance of Employers share retained to his credit in EPFaccount. Once an establishment is covered under PF, all its departments and branches wherever they aresituated are also covered.

Employees Pension Scheme: As discussed above, the employers contribution of 8. The contribution of 8. However, if the some employers are paying contribution on salary in excess of Rs. Benefits under the SchemeMembers will get pension on superannuation or retirement from service and upon disablementduring employment.

In addition, children will be entitled to pension, upto 25 years of their age. Payroll Accounting and Compliance83pension. If theperson is unmarried or has no family, pension is available to nominee for a specified period. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme: The employer has to pay contribution equal to 0.

In addition, administrative charges of 0. The employee does nothave to contribute any amount to the scheme. The salary limit for coverage of employees is sameas that of Provident Fund. Benefit to nominee of employeeIn case of death of an employee during employment, his nominee or family member gets anamount equal to average balance in the Provident Fund Account of the deceased employeeduring last 12 months. As discussed earlier, the statutory features viz.

In this section, we will discuss, recording of transactionsrelated to computation and contribution of Provident Fund. Example 5: The same is accounted as shown: Create the following ledgers inTally. ERP 9,1. Employer Contributions Pay Head2. Employer PF Admin Charges PF Payable Ledger4. Employer Contributions Pay Headi. Employer Contribution EPS 8. Type Employer EPS 8. Payroll Accounting and Compliance85Figure Set Affect Net Salary to No6. Payroll Accounting and Compliance86Figure Specify in the Amount Upto column Payroll Accounting and Compliance87Figure Press Enter to acceptii.

Employer Contribution EPF 3.


Type Employer EPF 3. Payroll Accounting and Compliance88Figure Specify the group as Indirect Expenses in the Under field and press Enter5. The Compute sub-screen appears as shown: Payroll Accounting and Compliance89Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance90Figure Press Enter to accept.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance91i. PF Administrative Charges 1. Type PF Administrative Charges 1. Specify the group as Current Liabilities in the Under field and press Enter5. EDLI Contribution 0. Specify as the Effective From date In case of a revision in pay structure, youcan define the revised computation information for the given pay head, by giving the effec-tive from date The From Amount column is automatically skipped, assuming it to be zero.

Enter inthe Amount Upto column. Press Enter to accept and save the Pay Headiii.

Payroll Accounting and Compliance95Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance96Figure Press Enter to accept and save the Pay Head. Type PF Payable in the Name field2. Payroll Accounting and Compliance97Figure Payroll Accounting and Compliance98Figure Press Enter to accept Payroll Accounting and Compliance99Figure While, including the Employer Contribution Pay Heads in the Salary Detailsmaster, the order of precedence in which the Pay Heads are included muston the basis of their calculation criteria i.

Follow the steps explained below to process Provident Fund. ERP 9 provides the following predefined processes that will help inprocessing Payroll transactions: This process is selected to automate computation of Salariespayable to Employees. Payroll Accounting and ComplianceFigure To process the PF Admin Charges, follow the steps given below: Press F7 for Journal Voucher2.

Payroll Reports - Tally

Press Enter to accept and save. At the time of making payment toEPFO, a payment voucher is required to be passed. Example 7: To process the payment of Provident Fund, follow the steps given below: Payroll Accounting and ComplianceStep 1: Press F2, specify as the Voucher Date and press Enter3.

Press Enter again, to prefill the amount of Employee Contributions during the relevantmonth Press Enter twice8. Set Yes in Provide Details field and press Enter9. Type the details of the transaction in the narration fieldThe completed PF Payment Voucher screen for the month of April , is as shown: Press Enter to acceptStep 2: The employer is required to calculate and remit ESI Contributions comprising of employers shareplus employees share on or before 21st of the subsequent month in respect of salaries of therelated month.

In case, if the employee is drawing upto Rs. In this section, we will discuss, recording of transactionsrelated to computation and contribution of Employee State Insurance. Chart showing Payroll Reports in Tally. It provides particulars on how the net amount has been arrived at i.

However, you can change the period by pressing F2: Date and defining the required date. Employee Button — From the existing Pay Slip of an employee, you can toggle between employees by pressing F4: Employee. The voucher number, date and the number of attendance or payroll records are displayed asshown in the above image. You can drill down to the voucher level for reference or to effect an alteration by pressing Enter on the required record.

Additionally, the Show Authorised Signatory option is available in the above screen. Show Pay Slip Message: This option should be set to Yes if you want to print the customised message on the Pay Slip for specific occasions.

Happy new Year!!!! The printed Pay Slip of Mr. In the Mailing Pay Slip screen. From - The From field is prefilled with the name of your Company asspecified in the Company Creation screen. You can change the same if you want some other name to be displayed. Format - you can select the format in which the Pay Slip should beviewed by the mail recipient.

Resolution - appropriate resolution for the Emailed Pay Slip can be selected in this field. To E-Mail Address - this will be selected automatically if the e-mail address is provided in the Employee Master.

Or else, you need to specify the same at the time of emailing. CC To if any - If you want the Pay Slip to be sent to another e-mail address, it can be specified here.

Subject - specify the Subject of email to be seen by the user. Additional Text if any - This will appear in the body of the email that is sent. Information Sent - The option to send the E-mail as an Attachment or as a direct view can be selected here. Other options are similar same as Pay Slip Configurations. Multi Pay Slips Tally. If this option is set to No, the Pay Sheet will appear Employee-wise.

Show Grand Total — Set this option to Yes to display the sum of all pay head columns appearing in the report.

Format — Select Detailed mode to view Pay Sheet information of employees with their respective category and group. Select Condensed mode when only sum totals are required for each category and group.On Current Deductions Total — This calculation type is used whenthe value of a pay head depends upon the total of the deductions payheads previously defined. Payroll Accounting and Compliance43Figure Specify the Date of Joining as Health Care Skills.

If the user intends to record Negative Attendance viz.

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