Enter OTHELLO, IAGO, and Attendants with torches. IAGO. Though in the . Enter BRABANTIO, OTHELLO, IAGO, RODERIGO, and Officers. DUKE OF VENICE. Othello: the Moor of Venice / by William Shakespeare ; with related readings. . The last play Shakespeare wrote on his own was The. Famous. Othello, a Moorish general in the Venetian army, has secretly married Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio. Iago, his ensign, is jealous of.

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But Shakespeare's plays were not published the way modern novels or plays are Iago crudely informs Brabantio, Desdemona's father, that Othello and. see it as the way things are: 'Why there's no remedy: 'tis the cures of service: / Preferment goes by letter and affection'. It appears he understands that promotion . The DOGE (DUKE) OF VENICE sits by the fireside playing chess with an elegant Othello brings out a sash and places it across Cassio's shoulder, who bows.

The Senators wish to send Othello to Cyprus, which is under threat from Turkey. They bring Desdemona before them. She tells of her love for Othello, and the marriage stands. The Senate agrees to let her join Othello in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, Iago continues to plot against Othello and Cassio. Iago uses this and other ploys—misinterpreted conversations, insinuations, and a lost handkerchief—to convince Othello that Desdemona and Cassio are lovers.

He then kills himself. Folger Shakespeare Library http: From the Director of the Folger Shakespeare Library. Characters in the Play. Othello , a Moorish general in the Venetian army. Brabantio , a Venetian senator, father to Desdemona.

Duke of Venice.

Venetian gentlemen, kinsmen to Brabantio. Montano , an official in Cyprus.

Bianca , a woman in Cyprus in love with Cassio. Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3. For do but stand upon the foaming shore, The chidden billow seems to pelt the clouds; The wind-shaked surge, with high and monstrous mane, seems to cast water on the burning bear, And quench the guards of the ever-fixed pole: I never did like molestation view On the enchafed flood.

It is impossible they bear it out. Enter a third Gentleman. Enter a Herald with a proclamation; People following Herald It is Othello's pleasure, our noble and valiant general, that, upon certain tidings now arrived, importing the mere perdition of the Turkish fleet, every man put himself into triumph; some to dance, some to make bonfires, each man to what sport and revels his addiction leads him: So much was his pleasure should be proclaimed.

All offices are open, and there is full liberty of feasting from this present hour of five till the bell have told eleven.

Heaven bless the isle of Cyprus and our noble general Othello! Let's teach ourselves that honourable stop, Not to outsport discretion.

Michael, good night: Before the castle. That done, I will be walking on the works; Repair there to me.

Gentleman We'll wait upon your lordship. I warrant it grieves my husband, As if the case were his. Do not doubt, Cassio, But I will have my lord and you again As friendly as you were.

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You do love my lord: You have known him long; and be you well assured He shall in strangeness stand no further off Than in a polite distance. CASSIO Ay, but, lady, That policy may either last so long, Or feed upon such nice and waterish diet, Or breed itself so out of circumstance, That, I being absent and my place supplied, My general will forget my love and service.

I am very ill at ease, Unfit for mine own purposes. Clown I dare not say he lies any where. Clown He's a soldier, and for one to say a soldier lies, is stabbing. Clown To tell you where he lodges, is to tell you where I lie.

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Clown I know not where he lodges, and for me to devise a lodging and say he lies here or he lies there, were to lie in mine own throat. Clown I will catechise the world for him; that is, make questions, and by them answer.

Clown To do this is within the compass of man's wit: It is hypocrisy against the devil: They that mean virtuously, and yet do so, The devil their virtue tempts, and they tempt heaven.

IAGO So they do nothing, 'tis a venial slip: May she give that? Thou said'st, it comes o'er my memory, As doth the raven o'er the infected house, Boding to all--he had my handkerchief.

Othello Scenes

IAGO Ay, what of that? Or heard him say,--as knaves be such abroad, Who having, by their own importunate suit, Or voluntary dotage of some mistress, Convinced or supplied them, cannot choose But they must blab-- OTHELLO Hath he said any thing?

IAGO With her, on her; what you will. We say lie on her, when they belie her. Lie with her! Nature would not invest herself in such shadowing passion without some instruction. It is not words that shake me thus.

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Noses, ears, and lips. If any wretch have put this in your head, Let heaven requite it with the serpent's curse!

For, if she be not honest, chaste, and true, There's no man happy; the purest of their wives Is foul as slander. A street. Wear thy good rapier bare, and put it home: Quick, quick; fear nothing; I'll be at thy elbow:Read on IAGO Awake!

IAGO Here, at thy hand: Please see the bottom of each scene for full explanatory notes. An open place near the quay.

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